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Acid Staining

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Acid Staining involves a deep penetrating concrete stain system that creates beautiful, mottled color tones in existing concrete. Designed for use on old or new concrete in both prestigious commercial projects and intimate residential spaces, Acid Stainings unlimited design capabilities transform ordinary concrete into a limitless palette of color and design.

Acid Stain reacts with minerals that exist in newly cured or existing concrete, penetrating the very top layer of the concrete surface with color that will not chip, crack, or peel.  Colors in each section of concrete will be unique with captivating, multi-colored intensities that become a part of the concrete. Brickform Blush- Tone Acid Stain is available in 10 standard colors.


Water-Based Stains

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The color effect produced is unique to each stained surface and cannot be duplicated with other materials. Enviro-Stains or Artesian Stains contains no acids or harmful chemicals and works as an alternative to typical reactive acid stains. There are no acids or harmful chemicals integrated in its design.

Enviro-Stains or Artesian Stains are a unique line of water based, non-acid polymer bonded stains that penetrate into the concrete surface to produce vibrant long lasting UV resistant stains that enhance any concrete surface.

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